Air Pollution

Man’s reckless pursuit of material comforts has polluted the air to alarming levels. Growth in industries, vehicles, urbanization is among the major components which increase air pollution. Thermal power plants, cement, iron industry, oil purifier industry, mine, and petrochemical industry too contribute to air pollution. In the olden days, human beings did not face the […]

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Causes of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution has become a major problem of modern times. Due to increasing urbanization, transportation (rail, air, and road) and mining, the problem of noise pollution is assuming serious dimensions. Virtually, noise has become an inevitable evil of growth and development. Road congestion, the noise of vehicles, maddening sounds of horn all create such chaos […]

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Littering: Causes, Problems and Solutions

Etymologically, litter means rubbish carelessly dropped or left about anywhere, especially in public places. Sadly, people are found littering the road or any other public place with impunity. Quite often, we see even educated persons travelling in an expensive car roll down their car’s window to dump trash on the road. They do not think […]

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Diseases caused by Air pollution

Introducing harmful substances into the atmosphere is termed as air pollution, which is one of the biggest concerns affecting human health and the quality of life at a large scale. Massive industrial development in the fast-progressing modern world is one of the major causes of air pollution, which is increasing day by day. The polluted […]

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Reasons and Causes of Deforestation

Forests play a big role to maintain water cycle, provide living space for animals, maintain environmental balance and prevent soil erosion. Without forests, it is not possible to have rains or breathe in pure air for us. But due to explosive growth rate of human population, the need for more land for living and farming […]

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How to Prevent Air Pollution

Air is essential for all humans, flora and fauna and other organisms. Its importance can be estimated by the fact that humans can survive without food and water for a few days, but without the air it is impossible to survive. The air is 80 percent of what man takes in the day. It is […]

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Causes of Global Warming

Some planets in the Earth’s solar system are too hot and some are too cold. The temperature of the Earth is very conducive for life, because there is a proper environment created by greenhouse gases all around the Earth, which protect the Earth by covering it. The Earth is called a blue planet because of […]

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How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most formidable challenges of our times. In fact, the threat from climate change is increasing for world economies and societies. The changing climate pattern around us finds its reflection in the rising phenomena of floods and droughts, extreme seasonal conditions; desertification, and elevation of sea level. This cumulative scientific […]

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Diseases caused by Noise pollution

Noise pollution is very harmful to health. Exposure to excessive sounds such as noisy machinery, loud music, vehicular noise, can adversely affect a person’s hearing. Not only this, the people exposed to noise pollution can be victims of many serious diseases. Loss of concentration, irritability, depression, impotence, even life-threatening diseases like cancer are among the […]

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Effects and Impacts of Global Warming

The growing influence of global warming has also affected our common life, but we are not able to apprehend its danger fully. Due to the effect of global warming, more heat is being generated on the Earth. There is a lot of change in the climate with the frequency of natural calamities increasing. According to […]

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